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Are you a Western man getting love letters from Kazan, Russia and do you consider sending your future bride money for visa and airfare? Read these articles first then..

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Dating scammer Willisa

Name: Willisa


She don't say it

Other Comments:
At firts she only wants money to take a visa for travelling to Europe. She says that she was a fashion model and worked at Netherlands but the visa has expired. No, she says:

Hello NUNO
Sequel to my discussion concerning my crises,I would like you to
treat this issue with confidencaility and ungency due to the current
political situations in my country.I would also want you to keep these
strictly between just the two of us.Nuno my love also i would like you
to know that i love you very much and u know it from the first day that
we met so please what i,m telling you u know is very much important to
me ok but know that i dont want you to send me money that is not what
i need from you ok?well now my life is in denger now and i must move
out from this country early as possible befor election begins here in
my country and before i can move out this what i must do Nuno.
Before the untimely death of my father ,he deposited the sum of
8.3million (USD) with a local bank(west afrieca finance and discount house
( Accra Ghana for me and my mom . I really need your
help as a foriegn partner to assist me to transfer the said amount out of
this country before our up and coming election gets on line .I need to
open an investment/non-resident account where the money will be
transfered.I this is not done as soon as possible we willfound and at all
cost my life and moms life will be in denger we dont want to be gun short
how my dad was killed.
All i want from you now is your kindness and sincerity of heart to
handle this transaction with me and my family lawyer.And know that deep
dowm my heart i love you but not because of this ok but i need your
help that is why i email you that i need your help that is all need from
you but the most important thing is that i love you.
Businessmen aswell as opposition politicains are now the scapegoats
of the ruling party and the idea is to stop them from financailly
funding the opposition.My father met has untimely death on has way to an
oposition rally and hence making things so difficult for me here in ghana.
However my and i have mapped out 20% of the total amount for as
apprecaitions 70% will be for my self but automatcally its belongs u ,which
i will love to reinvest into real Estate or farming in your country and
10%for expensis that may be incurred in the process of the
My love kindly reply my request and i will furnish you with all
other details.
best regards.

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